8th August 2013

Download: dbgeni-0.10.0.gem

  • Allow username and password to be specified on the command line
  • Fixed error messaging when DBGeni fails to connect to Oracle over sqlplus


26th March 2013

Download: dbgeni-0.9.0.gem

  • Added support for DML migrations
  • Fixed bug connecting to Oracle using JRuby


26th September 2012

Download: dbgeni-0.8.0.gem

  • Fixed bug causing package bodies to install before their specification
  • Added basic support for plugin hooks


13th May 2012

Download: dbgeni-0.7.0.gem

  • Allow current schema to be set for Oracle installs
  • Added support for Oracle types and code files with .sql extension
  • Enhanced config loader be more flexible
  • Added utility methods to make dbgeni scriptable
    • Changed the logger to use absolute paths for logfiles
    • Added the database_initialized? method to base


1st March 2012

Download: dbgeni-0.6.0.gem

  • Fix issue where code file hashes different between Windows and Linux


27th February 2012

Download: dbgeni-0.6.0.gem

  • Reprompt for password If a blank string is supplied
  • Don't echo password to screen when entering password (not windows)
  • Ability to include another config file into the current config file
  • Exit with a zero status when 'migration apply outstanding' and 'code apply outstanding' have nothing to do


4th February 2012

Download: dbgeni-0.5.0.gem

  • Removed the dbi and dbd dependencies for Sybase
  • Allow a prefix to be given to code files to control install order


15th January 2012

Download: dbgeni-0.4.0.gem

  • Sybase support (JRuby only)
  • Force code applies on error in Mysql and Sybase
  • Remove DOS line endings from files before executing


24th November 2011

Download: dbgeni-0.3.0.gem

  • MySQL migrations support
  • MySQL stored procedure support
  • Experimental JRuby support for sqlite only and using --1.9 switch


Download: dbgeni-0.2.0.gem

  • Support for Oracle stored procedures
  • Better error messaging if the DB CLI is not installed
  • Better organisation of logfiles into timestamped directories
  • Milestone support
  • Prompt for password if it is left blank in the config file


Download: dbgeni-0.1.0.gem

  • Support for Sqlite and Oracle
  • Support for many environments
  • Support for SQL migration files
  • Complete command line interface

Feature Backlog

These are some of the features I have planned. If you have an idea for a feature let me know at stephen dot odonnell at gmail.com - I cannot guarantee I will add it, but if it makes sense I will.

  • Parameters in SQL files
  • DAT files to load data
  • Support for other databases (SQL Server, Postgres, ...)